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Yonda is a cost-effective and easy to use online file sharing and content management platform - designed for business.

Create, store, share, receive, edit and sign files between employees, departments, project teams and external users.

Manage your shared files and content from any device and from any location for seamless and easy collaboration.

Yonda offers powerful cloud functionality at an affordable price.


  • Secure File Storage with TreeView Navigation

    Files are encrypted in transit and at rest and stored securely on S3 cloud-based storage.

    Navigate nested folders and files as easily on mobile as you do on your desktop!

  • Certified Electronic Document Signing

    Get contracts signed by applying unlimited digital signatures to PDF files without emailing your sensitive documents or uploading them to 3rd party sites. No other subscriptions are required.

    The documents are secured by our SSL certificate and you can verify that the document has not been tampered-with using Adobe Reader.

  • Content and File Sharing

    Share files between employees and/or external users quickly and securely! Generate upload links and receive files from anyone!

    Collaborate seamlessly with users from other organisations.

  • Data Compliance

    Help to meet your compliance requirements by storing your sensitive data in either the US or the EU.

    Configurable on a per-group basis for extreme flexibilty!

  • Online Editing with Check In/Out

    Lock a file or an image to ensure data integrity and edit it directly in your browser on any device!

    We don't send your files to 3rd party sites and there is no need for any other subscriptions.

    Create new images, documents, spreadsheets or presentations - or create quick notes to easily capture and share ideas.

    Watermark your images to protect your work.

  • Automatic File Versioning

    Never lose your valuable data and guard against human error with automatic file versioning!

    Access any version of a file throughout it's lifecycle and revert to previous versions in the event of data loss or corruption.

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  • File Backup and Recovery

    Protect against accidental deletion! Recover files for up to 30 days!

    Available to free and paid customers.

  • Fully Mobile File Sharing

    Yonda is a fully mobile file management system for enhanced productivity.

    The mobile and app versions are full-featured and offer all the functioanlity available on the desktop.

Download our free iOS / Android app to enhance your mobile efficiency

Yonda, Fully mobile, Secure, File SharingYonda, Fully mobile, Secure, File Sharing

Yonda, Fully mobile, Secure, File Sharing
Yonda, Fully mobile, Secure, File Sharing


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Simple, flexible and easy to manage pricing.

Yonda offers a comprehensive and cost effective solution - powerful cloud functionality at an affordable price.

Start with a FREE and power-packed 2-user micro account and upgrade to suit your user and storage requirements.

Upgrade or downgrade at any time to suit your changing business needs.

No card details are required to get started and you'll get instant access to your new file management system!

Paid plans offer a 30-day free trial!


  • Micro

    • Standard Features:
    • 2 Users
    • 5GB Storage
    • Unlimited Groups
    • Certified Document Signing
    • Online Document Viewing
    • Online Image Create and Edit
    • Quick Note Create and Edit
    • Collaboration
    • Free IOS / Android App
    • Notifications
    • TreeView Navigation
    • Role Based User/Group Access Management
    • Secure Encryption (in Transit and at Rest)
    • Automatic Version Control
    • 30-day Accidental Deletion Recovery
    • Two-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Administrator Console
    • Advanced Search
  • Business

    $13 USD per user per month
    • All Standard Features
    • 2 - 200 Users
    • 1TB Storage
    • Online Document Creation
    • Online Document Editing
    • Enhanced Collaboration
    • External Uploads
    • 30 day free trial

All plans are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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